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Regency Revisited
Regency Revisited


Welcome! Regency Revisited specializes in hand block printed cottons and saree silks from India. We also supply linen, woolens and cottons—plain and fancy. To complete your ensemble, we have silk elbow-length gloves, silk and wool shawls, silk stockings, wool fingerless gloves and a variety of cotton stockings. For the ladies’ sewing basket, you may order needle cases, pin poppets, thread barrels and a variety of other needlwork tools made from rosewood, horn, or bone. Silk satin ribbon, linen tape, silk grosgrain ribbon and wool twill tape are also available. Although our emphasis is on the Regency Era, many of our goods fit other timelines. See our events calendar. We would enjoy meeting you!

Thank you for your consideration—-Jan and Walt Dubbeld, Proprietors

NOTE: Our site now has a shopping cart, but it is still buggy. Orders can be placed by phone or email. Thank you!