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Regency Revisited: fabrics

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About Our Hand Printed Fabrics

The hand printed fabrics that we carry are imported from India, just as many of the hand printed fabrics of the 18th and 19th centuries were. Hand printing is a labor intensive process. A separate wooden block is hand carved for each color pattern to be applied to the fabric. The prepared fabric is stretched and pinned over a printing table and the first pattern block is dipped into a pigment tray. This block is then applied to the fabric, and the process is repeated for each color used in the pattern. Skill is necessary for good printing since the colors need to fit precisely onto the design. We receive these fabrics in limited quantities and an ever changing variety of patterns. Much of the printing is done on cotton mull, a sheer yet strong fabric common in the Regency Period. As seen in the photograph , this adds to your options depending on the color of lining used.